Tool Maker
"As a Tool Maker, it's like you're bringing life to steel."
Nozi Mtshali
Simpiwe Shange
Nozi Mtshali
Simpiwe & Nozi
are Tool Makers
What to study
My typical work day
Why I love my job
My future
Career challenges
Tool Makers make, modify, maintain and repair the precision tools, jigs and dies used for manufacturing metal components and injection-moulded plastics. They work in machine shops, factories and toolrooms in the manufacturing industry.
These highly-skilled artisans need to be very detail oriented, checking and rechecking their work many times to get exact results.
"You need to be able to meet deadlines and follow instructions. We work with precision, within very small tolerances. You need to be a very patient person."
Nozi Mtshali