Production Engineer
"There's always a different challenge for a different day with different people. It's never boring."
Bongekile Shabalala
Bongekile Shabalala
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Production Engineer
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Production Engineers are responsible for optimising production through the analysis, design and implementation of efficient systems that integrate people, processes and technology.
Depending on the size of the company, Production Engineers may focus on one specific part of the production process, or be involved right from the development of a new product. This development phase could entail designing optimal line layouts, planning tools and parts for each workstation, developing quality control stations and more. The production phase would then focus on process and efficiency improvements, adjustments to accommodate production volume changes, machine and equipment maintenance and more.
Bongekile works hand-in-hand with managers from a variety of departments, including Production, Quality and Project Management. She reports directly to the Chief Operations Officer (COO).