Electrical engineers need to have a good understanding of maths and science and can work in the automotive and communication industries on navigation systems, power generation and computers.
Electrical engineers need to know how to build electrical devices and systems using components such as diodes, resistors, switches, magnets, coils, conductors, batteries and more.
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Kirchhoff's 1st Law
From small devices, to bigger home and industry systems, this law helps us understand how electrical current flows through many circuit paths. Switch up the animations to explore what happens when multiple paths meet.
Kirchhoff's 2nd Law
Kirchhoff's 2nd Law helps us to analyse the voltage, voltage drop and currents in play for complex closed-loop circuits. Explore the interactive demo to see for yourself!
Half Wave Rectification
How is Alternative Current converted to Direct Current using a single diode? See how it's done in this interactive demo.
Full Wave Rectification
See how multiple diodes are used to convert AC power to DC power. Play with the animation to manipulate the components and explore types of full wave rectification.
Transistor Amplifier
Transistors made of semi-conductive material can be used to amplify voltage, current and power by boosting an electrical signal or waveform. Explore the demo to view different configurations.
Silicon Rectifier
Silicon controlled rectifiers are used in electronic power control situations that involve high power and voltage. See how they are similar, and also different, to diodes and transistors by exploring the diagrams.
Transistor Switch
Transistors can be used as switches. When paired with Light Dependent Resistors output devices like headlamps can be made to turn off or on based on the light of day. Change up the brightness to see the results.
Log and Lin Pots
Potentiometers are a type of variable resistor that allows electrical engineers to divide and control voltage in a circuit. Play with the demo to see how different types of potentiometers can use this to control light and sound levels.
Lithium Batteries
Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, lightweight and have a high energy density ideal for use in electric vehicles. See how the battery works in charging and discharging phases.
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